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What We Offer

Looking to host an entertaining event in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area? Well, look no further. We will come right to your curbside!


We also specialize in Boys & Girls Birthday Parties, Block Parties, Family Reunions, Kids Parties, Teen Parties, Adult Parties, Sports Events, Team Building, Corporate Events, School Functions (After Prom parties, dances, fundraisers), Church Parties / Fundraiser Events, HOA Events, Picnics, Father’s Day Gifts, Holiday Parties.


The gigantic self-contained climate-controlled video game RV Theater can accommodate up to 20 PLAYERS all at once. Inside are 12 comfortable seats, three 39-inch TVs, with surround sound.  We also have a 39-inch TV on the patio and another 39-inch TV under the awning outside, for an additional 8 guests to play at the same time! The available consoles are Nintendo Switches, PS 5s and Xbox Series Xs. 


Our Laser Tag comprises of the squad hero rechargeable laser tag 2.0 blasters with 360 sensors, and a set of 8 for 8 players at a time.


We will set up your space with an inflatable obstacle course to allow for the players to hide, maneuver and have a great time using the infrared rays to deactivate opposing teams' vests.


Karaoke is set up outside under the awning of the RV, with the use of a smart TV, with over a 1000 karaoke songs, 2 Bluetooth microphones and a karaoke machine. Let's jam to some old-school tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music.

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